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Post by Andwoos on June 2nd 2011, 3:55 am

Want to use the full power of BB code? Here you go! This guide will show you what some of the more basic BB codes are, along with examples of how the text will look with the code. Remember, you can use multiple BB code tags to alter text (such as [b][i]this[/i][/b], which would be both bold and italicized).

There are also a few BB codes here that I have left out which you can use. You should notice them in other threads throughout the forum. And, you can also use HTML, if you want more to play with. Have fun! lol!

[b]Bolded Text[/b]
Bolded Text

[i]Italicized Text[/i]
Italicized Text

[u]Underlined Text[/u]
Underlined Text

[strike]Strike Text[/strike]
Strike Text

[size=24]24 Point Text[/size]

24 Point Text

(You can substitute "24" for whatever size you need)

[color=blue]Blue Text[/color]
Blue Text
(You can substitute "blue" for most colors)

[*]Your first bullet point
[*]Your second bullet point
  • Your first bullet point
  • Your second bullet point

[*]First point
[*]Second point
  1. First point
  2. Second point

(You can continue both lists using an infinite amount of points. Don't forget the [/list] tag!)

[url=]Visible Text Here[/url]
Visible Text Here

[img]Image URL Here[/img]
Test Image

[youtube]YouTube Video URL Here[/youtube]
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