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Suspension Durations Empty Suspension Durations

Post by Andwoos on June 6th 2011, 5:41 am

Rules and how they are defined can be found here.

The following consists of each rule provided in the link above and an expectation of how many days suspension expected for breaking such a rule, in regards to punishments.
Moderators can choose to suspend or warn a user for breaking the rules.
Head Moderators retain moderator powers, in addition to additional powers to help remedy issues resulting from moderation.
Admins have all possible powers and can supersede actions taken by both Moderators and Head Moderators.

Remember, these are guidelines and not all situations are bound to these terms of suspension. Warnings may be issued in lieu of suspensions/bans. Pleas and appeals regarding suspensions or bans should be made to the Head Moderator.

1 day - 90 days

Flame Baiting
1 day - 30 days

1 day - 30 days

2 days - Permanent Ban
NOTE: Spam Factory is excluded.

Double Posting
1 day (Can be avoided by reporting the doubled post)
NOTE: Spam Factory and Fun Factory are excluded, unless upon poster's request

Moderator discretion
(No warnings or suspensions may be issued if the post contributes well to the topic)

Objectionable Material
Pornography: 7 day - 90 days
Racist/Sexist Material: 3 day - 90 days
Violent Material: 1 day - 30 days

Disrespect of Authority
Moderator discretion

Warning Whining
3 Days
(Questions and concerns about warnings should be addressed to the Head Moderator, not the public forum.)

1 day - 7 days

Multiple Accounts
Posting on behalf of a suspended/banned user: 1 day - 7 days
Account(s) subject to deletion or IP ban by Admin

Failure at Life/General Idiocy
7 days - 90 days

Hacker Threads
Explaining how to hack: Permanent Ban
Images of hackers/hacking: Moderator discretion
Videos of hackers/hacking: Moderator discretion

Referral Links
3 days

Invasion of Privacy
1 day - 30 days

General Broken Rule
Total days for multiple broken rules, or moderator discretion (on a case-by-case basis)
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