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Post by Andwoos on June 16th 2011, 4:36 am

Welcome to the Pyramid PQ Guide!

Basic Information
Pyramid PQ is located between the towns of Ariant and Magatia. The portal that leads to the Pyramid PQ is located at Sahel 3. It can also be accessed by using the Dimensional Mirror after you have reached level 40. This Party Quest was released on January 20th, 2010 with the Version .81 Patch. All players can participate in this party quest (Adventurers, Knights of Cygnus, Arans, Evans, Dual Bladers, and Resistance members). This party quest is decent for training level 60 and below characters. For characters level 61 and higher, you may only want participate in this party quest just for fun, or if you want to try and earn the Immortal Pharaoh Belt.

PQ Modes
Before you choose which difficulty (mode) you wish to participate in the PQ on, you will be required to choose between challenging the party quest alone, or with a party. Pyramid PQ has four (4) modes, depending on your level. The difficulty varies based on which mode you play on.

Easy Mode: Level 40 - Level 60
Normal Mode: Level 45 - Level 60
Hard Mode: Level 50 - Level 60
Hell Mode: Level 61 - Level 200

Players between levels 40 and 60 may freely choose between Easy, Normal, and Hard Modes, but not Hell Mode. Players level 61 and above are restricted to Hell Mode only. You can choose to either attempt this PQ alone, or with a party. I find it easier to do it alone since the yetis appear later and in fewer numbers when compared to doing the PQ with more than one person. Fewer Pharaoh Yetis appear on Solo mode, and your ACT bar decreases at a slower rate (compared to completing Pyramid PQ with a party). Also, note that if you are going to try to obtain The Immortal Pharaoh Belt, you must complete the PQ on Hell mode since only the Hell mode bonus boxes contain this belt.

Your HUD (Heads-Up Display)
In your top left corner, you will have four (4) counters in a box to track your progress. In the center of your screen is the ACT bar and Time.

How many monsters you have killed. The more you kill, the more EXP you get when you finish or fail. Also helps charge up Pyramid Power.

How many cool attacks you have performed. Cools are gained when you deal a large amount of damage to a monster. Also helps charge up Pyramid Power.

How many times you have hit the Pharaoh Yetis. Reduces the amount of EXP you get when you finish or fail. Reduces the amount of your ACT bar.

Pyramid Power Attack
How many special attacks you have available to use (To activate, press Down, then press and hold Up, then press whatever key your normal attack is assigned to). This will both kill all enemies and yetis on the map, and recharge part of your ACT bar. You gain one Pyramid Power Attack for every 500 kills you get (if you have 450 kills and 50 cools, you will gain a Pyramid Power Attack)

The more you kill and the faster you kill, the faster this charges up. If this reaches zero, you fail the PQ and don't get to go to the bonus stage. Hitting yetis and missing or not killing/killing fast enough will drain the ACT bar.

If you manage to survive the stage long enough for time to run out, you will advance to the next stage.

Issues about Entering Pyramid PQ
If you are unable to enter Pyramid PQ, then that channel is full for the mode you are attempting to play on. A notice may appear in your chat box when this happens. You can either try another channel, try a different difficulty mode, or try to enter with a Party (or enter Solo, if you were unable to enter with a Party). Keep in mind that since this is a new Party Quest, everyone will want to try it, and there are limited rooms per channel (5 each for Solo and Party per channel).

Completing Pyramid PQ
In order to complete the Pyramid PQ, you must successfully survive each stage.

Each stage features enemy portals on the left and right. You cannot enter these portals, but the enemies will enter the room from them. Each stage lasts three (3) minutes, except for the first stage which lasts two (2) minutes. At the beginning of each stage, enemies will emerge from one additional portal in the map. The first stage will only have one (1) active monster portal, the second stage will have two (2) active monster portals, and the rest of the Party Quest follows this pattern. To complete the stage, you must not die, you must remain in the room for the entire time, and your ACT bar must not reach zero. To keep your ACT bar charged up, continue to kill monsters and not swing at the Pharaoh Yeti. If you die, leave the room using the NPC or disconnect from the game, or your ACT bar reaches zero, you will be removed from the PQ and will be unable to participate in the bonus stage or obtain a Pharaoh Yeti's jewel. If you die inside the PQ, you will lose the normal amount (full amount) of EXP. You will still gain EXP based on your Kills, Cools, and Misses if you do not disconnect from the game. The monsters are relatively easy to kill (they all have only 1 HP), and those who can mob well will succeed in this PQ.

During each stage, a Pharaoh Yeti may appear. It will be marked with a exclamation point (!) in a yellow bubble above the yeti. Try not to hit this yeti. If you strike the yeti, you will miss it 100% of the time. Not only will you miss, but your ACT bar will disappear for each time you swing at the yeti. If the yeti(s) are on one side of the map, then go mob on the other side of the map to keep your ACT bar charged up. The only way to kill the yetis is to obtain enough kills and 'cool' combos to earn a Pyramid Power Attack. The Pharaoh Yeti may also cast a speed buff on the enemies in the room.

There are a total of five (5) stages that must be endured in order to successfully complete the PQ and reach the bonus stage.

Finishing or Failing the Party Quest
When you finish the party quest, you will receive EXP based on your Kills, Cools, and Misses, regardless of if you win or lose. Talk to the NPC to leave the pyramid interior. You will be taken to the pyramid exterior (the exit stage). If you failed the party quest, the NPC here will take you back out of the party quest exit map. If you finished the PQ, you will have a choice to either enter the Bonus Stage immediately, or to obtain a Pharaoh Yeti's jewel from the NPC which can be redeemed at a later time to enter the bonus stage. The Pharaoh Yeti's jewel you obtain (if you choose to enter at a later time) depends on what difficulty you successfully completed the party quest on.

Easy Mode: Sapphire
Normal Mode: Ruby
Hard Mode: Emerald
Hell Mode: Topaz

Experience Rewards
This section contains information to determine what you need to achieve each rank in Pyramid PQ, what the base EXP is for each rank on each difficulty mode, and the bonus EXP you will receive for your Kills, Cools, and Misses. If you plan on using Pyramid PQ as a training spot, this may be very helpful in deciding how efficient the Party Quest is for training.

How To Use This Section: First, locate the number of Kills and Cools you have earned. Multiply your Kills by 2, and multiply your Cools by 10. You now have the bonus EXP you would gain from your Kills and Cools. Second, add your Kills and Cools together to determine how many monsters you killed. You can then determine what rank you will have earned, depending on if you failed the Party Quest or finished it. Third, find what rank and what difficulty mode you will be playing on. You will then have the base EXP you will receive. Add this number to the bonus EXP you got earlier for your Kills and Cools. You now know how much EXP you will get for each Party Quest run!

EXP Formula: (((Kills x 2) + (Cools x 10)) + Base EXP for Rank/Mode) = Total EXP

The following is the formula to determine the bonus EXP you will receive for your Kills, Cools, and Misses ((Kills x 2) + (Cools x 10) = Bonus EXP):
Kills: Each Kill will gain you 2 EXP when you finish or fail the PQ.
Cools: Each Cool will gain you 10 EXP when you finish or fail the PQ.
Misses: Each Miss will not gain you any extra EXP when you finish or fail the PQ.

The following tables determine what rank you will achieve based on your Total Combined Kills (Kills and Cools):
For Successful PQs
Rank S: 3000 or More
Rank A: 2000 - 2999
Rank B: 1500 - 1999
Rank C: 500 - 1499
Rank D: 499 or less

For Failed PQs
Rank S: N/A
Rank A: N/A
Rank B: N/A
Rank C: 2000 or more
Rank D: 1999 or less

The following is the base EXP you will gain for each mode and rank:
Easy Mode
Rank S: 60,500 EXP
Rank A: 55,000 EXP
Rank B: 46,750 EXP
Rank C: 22,000 EXP
Rank D: 0 EXP

Normal Mode
Rank S: 66,000 EXP
Rank A: 60,000 EXP
Rank B: 51,750 EXP
Rank C: 24,000 EXP
Rank D: 0 EXP

Hard Mode
Rank S: 71,500 EXP
Rank A: 65,000 EXP
Rank B: 55,250 EXP
Rank C: 26,000 EXP
Rank D: 0 EXP

Hell Mode
Rank S: 77,000 EXP
Rank A: 70,000 EXP
Rank B: 59,500 EXP
Rank C: 28,000 EXP
Rank D: 0 EXP

The Bonus Stage
The bonus stage can only be entered by immediately entering this stage after completing the PQ, or using a previously obtained Pharaoh Yeti's jewel.

In this stage, you will have one (1) minute to kill all of the Pharaoh Yetis in the map. Each Pharaoh Yeti will drop a box, which is your reward for finishing the PQ. Rewards vary from pots, scrolls, or even a Pharaoh's Belt. The Immortal Pharaoh's Belt can only be obtained from bonus boxes obtained in the Hell Mode bonus stage. To claim your rewards, simply double-click the boxes (located in your USE inventory) to open them.

Tips for Pyramid PQ
These tips are organized based on general tips that may help all players regardless of their class, and also includes class specific help. For players using a non-adventurer class, please refer to the section appropriate for your character's basic class (Wild Hunters should use Archer tips, for example) along with the general tips initially provided.

  • Avoid hitting the Pharaoh Yeti. This not only wastes an attack, but it lowers your ACT bar, which will most likely cause you to fail.
  • Stick to one side of the map. Enemies come from both the left and right side. Killing on one side of the map helps to keep up your ACT bar, and if the yeti comes to your side, you can run to the other side and attack that mob to keep your ACT bar up.
  • Use directional mobbing attacks. Using attacks that hit monsters both to the left and right of the character will most likely cause you to hit the Pharaoh Yeti. Using attacks that only attack multiple monsters in front of you allow you to clear more monsters, and help prevent you from hitting the Pharaoh Yeti.
  • Bring a Thief along if you are in a party. If you have a Thief along, you can have him hit the Pharaoh Yeti(s) once, and then go into Dark Sight on top of the dais. The Pharaoh Yeti(s) will follow the Thief around while the other party members can destroy the mobs without fear of hitting a Pharaoh Yeti by mistake. It'd be a good idea to not try this unless your ACT bar is nearly full.
  • Don't use Sprites if you're a Cygnus Knight. They will attack monsters, but won't gain you any Kills or Cools. And, if they attack a Pharaoh Yeti, then the Pharaoh Yeti will just follow you around the map, which is more of a hassle.
  • Save your Pyramid Power Attack. I know it would be great to clear the map and kill the yetis, but save it for when your ACT bar gets low. This will help to save you if you're close to failing.
  • Patience. It may be frustrating to do this PQ over and over, especially if you want a belt or a scroll, but if you don't have the patience for it, you'll probably quit before you get what you want.
  • Use weapons that have faster speeds. Using weapons that have a faster speed will allow you to kill faster, and this will both cause you to keep your ACT bar full (or fill it at a faster rate), and gain another Pyramid Power Attack quicker.
  • Try and get hit by the Pharaoh Yeti. When the yetis appear and you're under attack by the mob, follow the Pharaoh Yeti and let it hit you. It only does 1 damage to you, and you can use the 2-second invincibility to clear the mob around you.

Thief Class
  • Remember you have Flash Jump. If the Pharaoh Yeti(s) are on one side of the map, but not the other side, Flash Jump to the other side. It will get you there quicker, allowing you to keep your kill rate up and your ACT bar.

Warrior Class
  • If you have Rush and know how to use it, then use it. If you know the range that your Rush attack has, then use it. It hits up to 15 monsters, which can boost the amount of Kills or Cools you have, as well as keep your ACT bar up.
  • Use Slash Blast instead of Soul Driver. Soul Driver (unlike Slash Blast) is an AoE move, which may cause you to accidentally hit the Pharaoh Yeti. Soul Driver hits 8 enemies, while Slash Blast hits 6 and can be used twice in the time it would take to use Soul Driver once.
  • Do not use Heaven's Hammer! Even if your ACT bar is full, using Heaven's Hammer will instantly boot Paladins from the Party Quest. Since all of the monsters would have 1 HP, Heaven's Hammer would miss all of the monsters, up to 15 times, and will completely deplete your ACT bar.

Archer Class
  • Power Knockback is your best friend. If you have it maxed, it can keep pace with using arrow bomb if you're overrun. If you're not overrun, firing arrow bomb twice in one direction and then switching directions and repeating can help to keep the mobs away from you to save HP potions.

Magician Class
  • Don't forget to use your Slow skill. The Slow skill can be used to slow down both the monster mobs and the Pharaoh Yeti(s) that appear. A slower Pharaoh Yeti won't get in the way of your mobbing as often.

Pirate Class
No tips have been submitted for Pirates. Read below and please try to follow the format for submitting a tip, if you wish to submit one.

Protector of Pharaoh Medal
Protector of Pharaoh40111112012055

This medal can be obtained from the Pyramid PQ. In order to obtain it, you must have 50,000 monster kills inside the Pyramid Party Quest. After you have done this, talk to Duarte in the Pyramid Dunes map to obtain the Protector of Pharaoh medal.

Reward List
Power ElixirsThree (3)Fully restores HP and MP
ElixirsFive (5)Restores half of HP and MP
Mana ElixirsSeven (7)Restores 300 MP
UnagisSeven (7)Restores 1000 HP
White PillsTen (10)Restores 300 HP
Blue PillsTen (10)Restores 100 MP
Chaos Scroll 60%One (1)Increases or Decreases stats of item. 60% Success Rate.
Clean Slate Scroll 1%One (1)Recovers failed scroll slot on item. 1% Success Rate, 2% Item Destruction Rate if scroll fails.
Scroll for Gloves for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Weapon Attack to Glove. 60% Success Rate.
Scroll for Gun for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 Accuracy to Gun. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Bow for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 Accuracy to Bow. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Staff for M. ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Magic Attack and 1 INT to Staff. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Claw for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 Accuracy to Claw. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Wand for M. ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Magic Attack and 1 INT to Wand. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Spear for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to Spear. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Dagger for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 LUK to Dagger. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Knuckler for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to Knuckler. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to Pole Arm. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for Crossbow for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 Accuracy to Crossbow. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for 1-Handed Axe for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to 1-Handed Axe. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for 2-Handed Axe for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to 2-Handed Axe. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for 1-Handed Sword for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to 1-Handed Sword. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for 2-Handed Sword for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to 2-Handed Sword. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for 1-Handed Blunt Weapon for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to 1-Handed Blunt Weapon. 60% Success Rate
Scroll for 2-Handed Blunt Weapon for ATT 60%One (1)Adds 2 Attack and 1 STR to 2-Handed Blunt Weapon. 60% Success Rate

Pharaoh Belts
BeltLevelAttackMagic AttackHPMPWeapon DefenseMagic Defense
Pharaoh Belt40--1001002525
Immortal Pharaoh Belt8012--5555

Please note that you may or may not profit from the rewards given in this party quest. It depends on how often you reach the bonus stage, how many pots (and what type) you used, and what rewards you receive from the bonus boxes. The better rewards have a lower rate of appearing from a bonus box. Also, The Immortal Pharaoh Belt can only be acquired by opening bonus boxes obtained from the Hell Mode's bonus room. If you obtain multiple belts, or wish to purchase a belt from another player, note that both belts can be traded when the Scissors of Karma are used on them.

Legal Info
This guide was created by myself (Andy, Echoes forum admin), and only myself. This guide cannot be reproduced or reposted elsewhere without my consent. If you are given permission to reproduce or repost this, credit must be given to myself in the reproduction/repost.

Permissions for use of this guide have been granted to the following:
Aqua Road Forum

By using this guide, you acknowledge that I (Andwoos) am not liable for any damages, penalties, or any negative effects you may incur due to the use of this guide for the Pyramid Party Quest. The medal information and stats on the Pharaoh Belts were gained from the Nexon website, unless otherwise stated. Information regarding game play (such as enemy HP, engaging Pyramid Power Attack, and other info) were either confirmed by myself, or received from other Basilers and then personally tested by myself. Previously mentioned tips for completing the Pyramid Party Quest came from myself, unless otherwise stated. Tips from other players (Maplers) may have additional info added or removed, depending on the ambiguity of the tip, or extra info that may have not been necessary. I am not responsible for any in-game deaths or unexpected events you may encounter in-game as a result of using this guide.

Previously mentioned rewards from the bonus stage boxes were received from various Basilers (who I extend my thanks to). I am also not responsible if you do not receive the above listed rewards, or if you receive an item not previously mentioned above since it was not brought to my attention.

© 2010-2011 Andwoos

Additions, Corrections, and Comments
Information about the Party Quest
Any information that needs to be added (please do not PM tips), or any corrections to the guide, please post in this thread so I can adjust the guide accordingly.

Any tips that you wish to have added or questions that you may have, please feel free to comment. Remember to add a sentence or two as to how your tip helps a player in the Pyramid Party Quest (so there is sufficient reasoning as to why someone should do what you're suggesting). Preferred formatting for submitted tips would be the following:

Summary of tip here. One or two simple sentences as to how this tip benefits players.

Any general comments can be posted below. Please do not send me any PMs about this guide.

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