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Guide Garden generalities. Empty Guide Garden generalities.

Post by Andwoos on June 17th 2011, 4:34 pm

Essentially, this would be the Rough Draft forum, where (as you can guess) you can write up your guides. Members can post what they think of your guide. But, the best place to be would be in the Guide Garden forum itself, where we put up the guides deemed most helpful and important. This would be done via a vote set up by a moderator or myself. To do this, just let us know by...
  1. Report your guide using the report button (Guide Garden generalities. Icon_post_report) in your guide's thread.
  2. A moderator or myself will set up a poll in your guide, which will allow users to vote if they like it and it's usefulness.
  3. After one week (7 days), the poll will close. Based on the results, your guide will either be stickied in the Guide Garden, or will be left in the Rough Drafts for you to either remove it, leave it to die, or for you to improve it.

Just remember, if it makes it to the Guide Garden forum, keep it updated or a better guide may replace yours!
Also, plagiarism is against our rules (General Broken Rule), so if you are caught plagiarizing, your guide will be deleted.

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