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Hello I'm Ciel~ Empty Hello I'm Ciel~

Post by Ciel on June 1st 2011, 12:15 am

Hello all to those who have joined this site! (None yet but you never know)

I'm Helen, or known as Ciel in most places, nice to meet you all. I'm a friend of Andy's whom I met on MapleStory a while back (and was surprisingly sweet to have made me a moderator at this site). I uhh.. I have no clue what to really put here but I suppose I'll say that I've been.. mapling for over 6 years now, I love playing video games, listening and singing to music, chatting with friends, meeting new people and so on.

So uhh if you have any questions, comments, feel free to PM them to me or something or heck to even get to know me and I'll reply when I can. I love you

And that's about it for now? My mind is pretty blank. xD

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