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Post by Andwoos on July 28th 2011, 1:40 pm


Humble Honor (Level 20 Ambition)
Talk to Manji in Perion.
Kill 200 Iron Hogs.
Return to Manji to complete the quest.

Bearded Ambition (Level 60 Ambition)
Talk to Vogen in El Nath.
Kill 300 Pepes and 300 Dark Pepes.
Return to Vogen to complete the quest.

King's Dignity (Level 100 Ambition)
(Must have "The Transformed King" completed)
Talk to Luden at LHC.
Complete "Defeat the Lion King"
Return to Luden to complete the quest.


Hawk's Eyes (Level 20 Insight)
Talk to Hawkeye in Ereve.
Talk to Hawkeye again to complete the quest.

Fairy's Pupil (Level 60 Insight)
Talk to Athena Pierce in Henesys.
Kill 300 Maladys.
Return to Athena Pierce to complete the quest.

Source (To be completed later).

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